The "mysteries of Santa Cristina"

Scritto il 22/04/2021
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For the community of Bolsena, the most heartfelt religious festival is that of Santa Cristina. She was born in Bolsena and she is the patron Saint of the village. During the evening of July 23rd, a simulacrum containing the remains of the Saint is brought in the churchyard of the Basilica.

In the square of the Basilica, as well as in all the other squares of the town, plastic paintings on stages represent the martyrs that the Saint suffered, and the people following a procession, visit the tableau vivants that are enriched every year with new scenographic details and performers. As the crowd arrives, the curtains of the stage are opened, showing the scene. This event is called 'The Mysteries of St. Christine'.

A big crowd of believers and visitors take part to the procession, that goes through the alleys of the whole Bolsena, until it reaches the top of the Castello quarter, in the Church of the Santissimo Salvatore. The statue remains there all night, and the day after in the morning, the 24th of July, the day of the liturgical feast of St. Christine, the procession resumes in the same way, going back to the Basilica dedicated to her.

The 'mysteries', is an ancient religious event, since the Middle Ages, which involves many inhabitants of the various districts, from children to the elderly. The Saint is represented in each plastic painting by a little girl chosen among the youngest girls in Bolsena.